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N5-45 SECTOR ANTENNA ( 4 Pack )

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Industry’s Highest Performing Sector Antennas

The Mimosa N5-45 antennas, deliver all the gain and ground coverage of a sector antenna, with the amazing front-to-back and sidelobe performance of a horn. These 4.9-6.4 GHz, 45-degree sector antennas are custom-engineered for a variety of multipoint applications.

Disruptive Sector Antenna

All the beamforming gain and ground coverage of a sector. All the sidelobe rejection of a horn.

No Sidelobes

Using state-of-the-art RF design, the N5-45 antennas are custom-engineered to deliver a high-gain, 42º half-power beamwidth with non-existent side lobes.

Industry’s Highest Front-to-Back Ratio

With an front-to-back ratio of 43 dB, the N5-45 antennas utilize metalized end-caps and a precision engineered backplate extrusion to improve noise rejection.

Beamformed High Gain

The N5-45x4, paired exclusively with Mimosa’s 4x4 MIMO A5c access point, achieves +3 dB of beamforming gain in both downlink and uplink.

Supports Third-Party Access Points

Improve performance and noise rejection by using the N5-45x2 with any 2x2 access point.

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